Rogers Intergenerational Services
Several companies bringing a warm environment designed to service the needs of all generations in the areas of childcare, assisted living, and home health care.
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Intergenerational Program

Rogers/Famico BiBi Retirement Center and Rogers Intergenerational Day Care collaborate with one another to create an extraordinary experience. This special and unique program allows for both our elderly and children to connect and grow relationships with one another.

Benefits of the program

  • Strengthens our Community: Our Intergenerational Program brings together the youth and elderly that are apart of our community. Sharing talents and experiences creates a bond and helps connect our large family.
  • Enhances Socialization: Both the Resident and Student are able to share their stories and talents with one another. Keeping our residents engaged and productive is one of our goals at Rogers Retirement Center.
  • Stimulates Learning: Our students are able to teach the older adults about new innovations and technology that our residents may not be accustomed too.
  • Increases Emotional Support: Participation in a large social environment has proven to benefit health and functional outcomes as people age. The residents and children both find a sense of enjoyment when they interact with one another.
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